If Bexley become London Borough of Culture, the spotlight will be shining on the Borough for the year with local, national and international press interest.

City Hall and our exciting and innovative programme will ensure this happens. We will welcome the rest of London – and beyond- to Bexley.

Think what this exposure would do for your business!

We are keen to provide bespoke packages, designed exclusively for you for whatever outcome you want to achieve.

There  will be a wide range of sponsorship opportunities available –

Hosting an artist in the workplace
Commissioning artworks
Sponsoring a programming strand, for example, the education programme or carnival celebrations
Sponsorship of a key event
Sponsorship of the ‘what’s on programme’
Providing sponsorship ‘in kind’

Any investment will be an investment in the local community and help you to reach potential new customers whilst being a positive reinforcement of your brand.

If you are interested, please contact us now at culture@bexley.gov.uk

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