By Sandra Bruce-Gordon, #backthebexleybid team

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Masks by Segun Oratokhai

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since the public launch of our bid.  Not only have we been analysing all the comments that came in, but we’ve also looked at all the information that was given to us by participants at our partner and stakeholder workshops.

The London Borough of Culture is all about people and places. The winning boroughs will be chosen based on their artistic vision and ambition to deliver outstanding cultural initiatives in their local area, putting communities at the centre of their programme design and delivery.

Your support is helping us to shape our bid. We want to ensure that it is truly representative of your ambitions for culture in the future, while celebrating what Bexley already has and building upon it to give you the outcomes you want.

I’ve been talking to our community culture ‘champions’. I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to those who have offered help to embed the community vision into our bid, not only by providing information but committing to taking part in this exciting journey and working in partnership to regenerate the borough through culture.

Thanks also to Centrepieces and Christie who led a special workshop ‘Naming on stones’ – part of the Never Forget sculpture – at our public launch. This involved putting the names of all the local veterans who died in World War 1 onto stones, which will form part of the Centrepieces’ Art in Hall Gardens sculpture to be installed in November.

It was fantastic and I hope it helped raised awareness of the charity’s work, which is captured on its website.

We look forward to working in partnership with Centrepieces and supporting them in their development.

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